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What Would You Do if You Were Mayor


If YOU were Mayor is an opportunity for YOU to make a difference in Santa Cruz by sharing your ideas, initiatives and projects to improve our quality of life.  We will be forwarding selected submissions onto our Mayor and the City Council. When it comes to the place we call home, we believe we all have an ownership stake. We all have a say. And we all have the power to make a change for the better.


If I were mayor I would…Implement Monthly City Inspections

Every month – I would make it mandatory for all Department Heads to join me in city inspections……City Manager, Police Chief, Public Works, Parks, Code Compliance. A section of the city would be walked. Findings would be documented – citizens would be asked to join. Downtown walk through, levee walk through, entrance to City walk through including heroin highway, Harvey west walk through….etc etc.

Not just once, it would be a rotation.  I would then start a blog and communicate to the community about these city inspections with some of the findings and then follow up with results and action taken.

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