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Upcoming Coastal Commission Hearing: Appeal of City Ordinance to prohibit overnight RV parking

Many of us received notice of an upcoming Public Hearing of the California Coastal Commission regarding an appeal to the City of Santa Cruz coastal development permit (CDP) to limit overnight recreational vehicle parking city-wide from midnight to 5 a.m.

Coastal Commission Staff have prepared a recommendation which will be presented at the hearing that recommends the Commission determine that the appeal contentions do not raise a substantial Local Coastal Program (LCP) conformance issue, and that the Commission decline to take jurisdiction over the CDP for this project.   This is very encouraging news!

Here is a quick recap of the process:

Two Step Process

1. First the Commission decides if this is a substantial issue. Called the “Substantial Issue Phase”. It takes 3 Commissioners to decide if they want to hear testimony. The only persons qualified to testify orally before the Commission are the applicants, persons who opposed the application before the local government (or their representatives), and the local government. Testimony from other persons must be submitted in writing. As stated above, Coastal Commission Staff is recommending this is NOT a substantial issue.  We are encouraged by this report and do not see it advancing to the second phase as described below.

2. Unless a majority of the Commissioners present finds that the appeal raises no substantial issue, the Commission will proceed to the “de novo stage” of the appeal hearing. >> The de novo stage of the appeal hearing may occur at the same Commission meeting, immediately following the ‘substantial issue’ phase,or be continued to a later Commission meeting. << Anyone may testify on the merits of the proposal during the de novo phase. People wishing to testify on this matter may appear at the hearing or may present their concerns by letter to the Commission on or before the hearing date. If the Commission finds that the appeal does not raise a substantial issue, then the local government’s action on the coastal development permit is final, and there will be no ‘de novo’ phase of the appeal hearing.

Thanks to all those that signed our petition, wrote into City Council in support of RV parking restrictions, and/or attended and spoke at the Council Meetings. Our voices have been heard – check your emails if you signed the petition!

Please write in to the Coastal Commission to show your support of the staff findings and recommendations. All correspondence needs to be received at least a week in advance of the meeting on August 10th.

As there is a specified format for this correspondence, we have prepared a sample letter for your use.

Download (DOCX, 21KB)

Read the full content of the staff recommendation

Download (PDF, 3.48MB)

Public Hearing Notice

Download (PDF, 32KB)









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