Take Back Santa Cruz

The Adventures of Esperanza

Hi I’m Esperanza.  My friends call me Espy.  My Best Friend named me Esperanza because it means Hope in Spanish.  She tells me that I give people hope.  I think she just hopes I act like a good boy in public.  But I know that she named me Esperanza because she believes in the future of not just me and my training but also in the beautiful city we call home, Santa Cruz California.   My Best Friend takes me on awesome adventures.

espy elkhorn

Me Kayaking

Don’t worry the water wasn’t ruff.  We saw sea lions and I even got to chat with an otter about how peaceful being out in the water this time of year is.  We locals get to enjoy the water year around.  My Best Friend promised me a life jacket next time, safety first for a K9 dog like myself.  Don’t forget to go out and enjoy this time of year before everyone else shows up.  There are no lines on the water in Santa Cruz.

Afterward, my Best Friend and I hung out at a local dog friendly spot.

Love, Peace and Hope,


You can donate to my buddy K9’s Layko and Lobo  at the Santa Cruz Police Department by going to http://www.scpdk9.org/








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