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TBSC Needles in Public Spaces Report – July 2016

Central Coast KION reports on 224 needles found in public spaces (NIPS) for July 2016.

Take Back Santa Cruz Needle Solutions Team update to City, County and local media:

To:  Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors and the Santa Cruz City Council

Please find the Take Back Santa Cruz Needles Solutions Team Needles in Public Spaces (NIPS) report attached.  This is a log of citizen reports of needles found in public spaces for the last 44 months. The log was created as a reference so that someone can use the data to:

Total NIPS Finds for Reporting Period 44

For reporting period 44 (7/9/2016-8/8/16), 224 needles found in public spaces were logged. This count includes citizen reports, community group reports and reports by City workers.  84 needles were found by citizens and community groups; the other 140 needles were found by City workers.


Tenth Confirmed Needle Stick Injury – Instructor at Jr. Guards Competition on Main Beach



Pharmacies Selling Syringes Without a Prescription in Santa Cruz Down to One



Significant Finds For Reporting Period 44



Hot Spot NIPS Locations for Reporting Periods 44:




Overview of Last 44 Months

Needles in the Media

8/6/16 Santa Cruz Sentinel: Instructor Stuck By Needle During Santa Cruz Junior Guard Competition



Best regards –  Needles Solutions Team
Attachments: NIPS workbook, City Parks & Rec needles log for July 2016, Photos

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