Take Back Santa Cruz

Take Back Santa Cruz says “NO” on Proposition 11

The TBSC Executive Committee has voted unanimously to recommend a NO vote on Proposition 11.  We join the Chronicle editorial board, United EMS Workers local 4911, United Steelworkers (USW), California Labor Federation, and the California Democratic Party (CADEM) in asking for your “NO” vote for our EMS teams.

We advocate for issues in the interest of public safety, and Proposition 11 falls squarely in that category. 

In very simple terms, we support the right for our first responders to be compensated for interrupted meal breaks due to a 911 call.  EMS *must* respond to any 911 dispatch, for any reason, and at any time during their shift.  Proposition 11 allows for its sole sponsor AMR to not compensate their employees for interrupted breaks due to 911 dispatch.

Please also read the SF Chronicle’s assessment of Proposition 11:



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