Take Back Santa Cruz

TBSC Facebook Group post leads to recovery of stolen tools

April 16th at noon, a community member posted on our group page that his son was a victim of theft.

“Please keep on the lookout for sets of tools. All the bags had Milwaukee emblems on them and the initials BH. They were stolen last night from the truck. The thieves got everything including identification. They are out using the cards now. If somebody tries to fence the tools let me know.”

A Good Samaritan who had read the post on our Facebook group page spotted the stolen tools at the Santa Cruz flea market today (April 17th) and messaged one of our group admins. The Facebook group admin contacted the original poster with the info & space #. He in turn called his son who then notified the Sheriff’s office to report as he made his way to the flea market. His son was able to get some of his tools back and the alleged thieves were taken into custody (24 hours after the original post!). One of the thieves had the nerve to be wearing the business logo t-shirt from the owners that they stole from the truck!

See something, do something.  Thank you to the TBSC community member who took action to assist in the recovery of the stolen goods!


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