Take Back Santa Cruz

Sea of Change

A wave of tragedy has washed over our City.  Small sets of crime have been rolling in over and over with the occasional larger wave we don’t feel ready for.  This past week a rogue wave crashed into us, taking us off our feet and attempting to drown an already water logged community. How do we survive this undertow that seems to drag us out further and further?  As a community we need to follow some of the basic steps of survival. Don’t panic, identify the problems and find the best way to safety as quickly as possible.

Now that we are out there drifting, remember safety in numbers. It’s easy to panic when you feel like someone has taken away two of your Super Heroes. Especially when you are not sure Superman and Wonder Woman knew you appreciated having them there to protect you. Swim to each other, help those around you.  Make sure the most vulnerable are assisted. Are the children and elderly safe?

Show your community that you care.  Find what talents you have and share them with the group.  Be positive.  Once we are together, we get an action plan.  What steps do we as a team need to make to get to safety?   Remember  the problems have been identified.  If getting to safety is our goal we have to make the hard decisions.  We have to deal with the realities our community face in this moment.  Past decisions matter but we need to focus on the task at hand, swimming to safety.  Stay together as we navigate back to shore. Don’t be distracted by the few that want to enable our current situation. You know that the only means of survival include having your community’s feet on solid ground.

Take Back Santa Cruz has worked to put together different ways you can help your community. Take a moment to get involved.  Volunteer your time, talents and energy to a cause greater than just one.  We have teams working on solution based research, events you can attend, have your voice heard in public policy making, sign a petition and spread the word.  Set your standards for our community high and don’t settle for anything less.  TBSC is an activated loving community that will be positive while focusing on the ultimate goal, safety for each and every human being that calls Santa Cruz home.  Most of all, each and every day make the decision to swim.  We will get to shore together.

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