Take Back Santa Cruz

Needles in Public Spaces Report – February 2017

To:  Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors and the Santa Cruz City Council

Please find the Take Back Santa Cruz Needles Solutions Team Needles in Public Spaces (NIPS) report attached.  This is a log of citizen reports of needles found in public spaces for the last 51 months. The log was created as a reference so that someone can use the data to:

Total NIPS Finds for Reporting Period 51

For reporting period 51 (2/9/2017-3/8/17), 220 needles found in public spaces were logged. This count includes citizen reports, community group reports and reports by City workers.  128 needles were found by citizens and community groups; the other 92 needles were found by City workers.  

Significant Finds For Reporting Period 51 

Hot Spot NIPS Locations for Reporting Periods 51:

NIPS Finds In The Past Year:

Overview of Last 51 months


 The County must operate a true 1:1 exchange to ensure that no needles from the Syringe Services Program are ending up in our public spaces.  Former SSP clients whom we’ve interviewed stated that they regularly received clean needles without exchanging dirty ones.  Furthermore, discarded needles are regularly found with other items from the SSP, such as sterile water capsules.


Best regards –  Needles Solutions Team
Attachments: NIPS workbook, City Parks & Rec needles log for February 2017, Photos

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