Take Back Santa Cruz

LEO Appreciation Luncheon

The TBSC Crew & Woodstock Pizza bring lunch and dessert to the LEO Appreciation Luncheon 
LEO Appreciation Luncheon

October 2015 Post – Remember the fundraiser we had at Woodstock’s Pizza Santa Cruz over the summer? Well the Santa Cruz Law Enforcement Appreciation Luncheon is happening this week! TBSC and Woodstock Pizza will be catering lunch for a training event that will be attended by LEOs from every agency in the County. We thought it was the perfect event to say a big THANK YOU from all of us. Unfortunately the luncheon is a private event, but any of you that would like to share a few kind words to the LEOs of Santa Cruz County, you can click on this link and sign the online card. All comments must be entered by 9am on Wednesday so that we have time to print it before the event. Thank you to everyone that participated in the fundraiser – we feel like it was a great success!!

Woodstock Pizza bringing in some of the 25 pizzas delivered today

Take Back Santa Cruz members were given the opportunity to sign on online thank you card which was then printed and presented at the event! 


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