Take Back Santa Cruz

Grand Jury Report – “Public Program Successes”


Grand JuryThank you Grand Jury for recognizing these programs for their effective work! All deserve to be commended for going well beyond community expectations and simple compliance with applicable policies and procedures. 
In regards to Public Safety and Quality of Life issues that are at the heart of TBSC – we would like to specifically point out the following successes and continue to encourage all efforts and funding to enhance and expand these programs:

Downtown Accountability Program

Yes to expansion!  “With such an impressive success rate, PACT should consider expanding to other areas impacted by nuisance crimes such as Beach Street, San Lorenzo Park, the Emeline neighborhood, Grant Street park and the Harvey West area in the city of Santa Cruz and unincorporated areas in they county enforced by the Sheriff’s Office”

Neighborhood Enforcement Team

Thank you Mayor Mathews for championing this! “It has united Santa Cruz police, city Code Enforcement, Parks and Recreation and Information Technology staff to tackle neighborhood problems such as drug dealing and prostitution in San Lorenzo Park.”

Inmate Welfare Program

Participants in these programs are less likely to recidivate than those who do not participate in a treatment program.
“The goal of the Inmate Welfare Program is to offer options for inmates that want to change their thinking and behavior, and to ensure that inmates have an opportunity to restructure and redirect their lives. The program provides high­ quality educational and vocational classes for the inmates where they can earn transferable high school and college credits. The program also offers substance abuse and domestic violence prevention counseling, religious services, and Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings.”


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