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Gangs bring violence to Santa Cruz – Steps you can take in honor of Pauly Silva

Pauly Silva was gunned down in downtown Santa Cruz on Friday night.   The facts of the case are not yet clear.  What is clear is that Pauly was senselessly taken because of gang violence.  The idea that a gang brings you respect and family has once again been shattered.

This is your opportunity to be that family.  Be the mentor.  Share your gifts with our youth.  Save a life.  Get involved.

P.R.I.D.E.  – Become a mentor. 

The Santa Cruz Police Department, in conjunction with Santa Cruz City Schools, has created the Personally Responsible Individual Development in Ethics (PRIDE) program – a multi-faceted approach to early gang prevention for local intermediate school-aged kids.  The program is designed to educate, mentor and guide troubled youth in the decision-making process.

To learn more about this program, contact Sgt. Harms at (831) 420-5873, or Officer Hernandez at (831) 420-5952.

Santa Cruz Teen Center  – Volunteer your talents.

The Teen Center sponsors dances, band nights, special events, day and overnight trips, sports, and outdoor events in addition to daily activities. Check our monthly calendar and our Facebook for ongoing activities.   To learn more contact email teencenter@cityofsantacruz.com  or DONATE

Gangs a Special Report – Educate yourself.  


Pauly leaves behind a baby girl.  A young daughter who will never see her daddy again.   Another life who’s world has been shattered.  Stop the violence.  Families bring peace and love to your world.  Gangs are not family.

Call 420-5303 when you see graffiti on public or personal property – 24/7
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