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Friends of Parks and Rec Announce Scholarships for Programs

We just got this update from Hollie Locatelli of Friends of Parks and Rec (FOPAR):

“FOPAR is happy to announce 84 enrollment scholarships were awarded to children in the City of Santa Cruz for Parks and Recreation Programs. FOPAR is accepting late applications for consideration, so if you missed the deadline still apply.”

This is great news and a great program to support low income kids in Santa Cruz. Hollie also let us know that FOPAR is working on a program to donate funds to underwrite admission to recreational swim this summer at Harvey West Pool for the following organizations: Mercy Housing at Sycamore, Neary Lagoon and Nueva Vista; La Familia; and the Homeless Services Center.

We applaud the efforts of FOPAR to help bring fun and safe summer programs to disadvantaged local youth.

For more information on this program, or to submit a late application for consideration, please visit:


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