Take Back Santa Cruz

Don’t Toss the Needle!

Michael Bertoni, a local graphic designer, concerned about the discarded needles in his neighborhood, sent us this:

Michael Bertoni gives back to his community through his talents in graphic design to hopefully change the way people think.

I am a local graphic designer and illustrator that lives in the Emeline/Grant Street area. After attending a community meeting this summer and hearing my neighbors concerns about discarded needles, I left there with a feeling to design a flyer that conveyed a community message to the needle exchange members. I designed it with the feedback from my neighbors via NextDoor.com and surprisingly a neighbor donated their time and resources to print out 500 full color flyers of my design. Wow!

I feel like giving back to my community and this is the best way I know how — through graphic design that can hopefully change the way people think.

Check out more of his work here:  http://www.bertonidesign.com/

Also on his instagram page:  https://www.instagram.com/p/q5YR7SuXIy/

Thank you Michael for contacting TBSC and for giving back to your community with your talents!  Even if only one  needle doesn’t get tossed because of this, it is worth it.

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