Take Back Santa Cruz

Celebration – Opening of the Emma McCrary Trail

Emma McCrary Trail Opening
Ceremonies | Refreshments | First Ride
Trailhead on Golf Club Drive at Pogonip Gate

June 1st, 2013 at 10am


Hey Take Back Santa Cruz, it’s time to celebrate!! When TBSC found out that one of the States largest heroin drug trades was in the Pogonip we started taking action. We cleaned drug dens, made calls to service and pulled the rug up as high as we could.

Read More Here from 2010:

The idea of a trail through Heroin Hill came up. At a meeting about the trail TBSC made friends with Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz and other community members. We were PRO TRAIL and our partnership was strong. The question was: could we get the Pogonip Grand Master Plan amended?  Many told us to not even bother trying. It was impossible. But we knew that this trail would bring positive energy and recreation to a dark space in our City.

For almost two years we stood together as a team. We did our homework and attended numerous meetings. WE WON. Mountain bikers and trail builders have been out in the Pogonip working hard to build the trail. A community of warrior volunteers. It’s a celebration of community and hope. A celebration of believing that what is called impossible is merely a challenge to achieve possible together.

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